From Coteries to Conferences: Host Your Next Event Downtown


Now that summer has come to a close and more people are home and in-office, your organization may be planning its next big event. If you’re looking for an event space in Waco, fret no more. We’ve got a lineup of the most popular downtown Waco venues for parties, ceremonies and more!

These venues are the perfect spot for an event with a hefty guest list, like a conference, wedding, family reunion or award ceremony:

  • The Hippodrome: Filled with history and Waco character, this venue is a go-to for weddings, board meetings, fundraising events and so much more. 
  • The Palladium: Host up to 300 guests at your next gala, banquet or wedding reception at the Palladium. 
  • The Waco Convention Center: Located right off the Brazos River, the Waco Convention Center is the ideal venue for your company’s next award ceremony, dinner or convention.
  • Anthem Stories: Looking for 360-degree views of downtown Waco for your next event? Anthem Stories’ rooftop terrace may be just what you’re searching for.


Need a venue better suited for a casual party or shower, or just looking for something for fewer guests? Check out these options!

  • Spice Village: While known for its 30,000 square-foot shopping center, Spice Village also hosts private events in its party room seven days a week, complete with amenities including tables, chairs and chilled-food storage areas.
  • Cultivate 7Twelve: Picture your next event surrounded by local art in the downtown art gallery or in its exclusive, member-only speakeasy, Undercroft, at Cultivate 7Twelve. 
  • The Hall at DiamondBack’s: From casual get-togethers to formal dinners or events, the Hall at DiamondBack’s is ready to offer your guests the highest-quality dining experience at your next function. 

No matter what event you’re planning this year, downtown Waco has a spot for you!

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