PID Services

Public Improvement District No. 1 (see map) provides a range of services to that area. Those services are funded by an annual assessment included in property taxes. And those services are carried out by the staff of City Center Waco, acting with direction from the Public Improvement District Board of Trustees.

More than half of the annual PID budget goes to “Clean and Safe” services which include a large range of tasks. We stay on top of landscaping and maintenance items and also constantly monitor the bird hotspots downtown and clean them regularly. Graffiti is something else we track, report and have removed expeditiously.

We try to be the eyes always on this core of Downtown Waco and address issues ourselves or report them to other agencies to resolve. To those ends, we employ a full-time staff member to circulate through downtown making note of things, addressing issues himself and being an all-around ambassador for the PID.

The PID also funds a night patrol that monitors the district via a marked vehicle and addresses specific issues as needed.

If you notice any clean or safe issues Downtown you can help us out by reporting them here. This site at the link helps us collect, resolve, and report on these kinds of issues.

Beautification of the district is also a task we happily tackle often working with community partners on items such as holiday décor and public art.

This website and the Downtown Waco social media is also a service of the PID, which has tasked itself with marketing Downtown in order to draw more business and life to the area. And the PID does some light programming with the same intention, of attracting people to the area.

City Center Waco staff, on behalf of the PID, also regularly advocates for the district while working closely with a list of partners including the City of Waco.

If you have any questions about PID services, please contact us at 754-8898 or [email protected]

  • Armstrong Browning Library
  • 710 Speight Avenue, Waco, TX, United States
  • Romantics will delight in the fairytale nature of a wedding held in the enchanting Armstrong Browning Library. Available to host a variety of events!

  • Chapel at Meyer Center
  • 1226 Washington Ave, Waco, TX, United States
  • An urban center offering space for meetings and events, while it functions as a hub for social services to affect positive change in people\'s lives.

  • Cooper House
  • 1801 Austin Avenue, Waco, TX, United States
  • With a long tradition of benevolence, Cooper House welcomes qualified nonprofit organizations to enjoy use of its beautiful space free of charge.

  • Courtyard Marriott
  • 101 Washington Avenue, Waco, TX, United States
  • Located within a stone\'s throw of the Convention Center and the Suspension Bridge, the Courtyard Marriott specializes in mixing business with pleasure!

  • Downtown 301 Event Center
  • 301 S 2nd St, Waco, TX, United States
  • From small intimate gathering to big extravagant parties Downtown 301 Event Center is the perfect location to host your next event.

  • The Palladium
  • 729 Austin Avenue, Waco, TX, United States
  • The historic building, built in 1895, is the former home of the Bauer-McCann Department Store. The refurbished, 7,000 sq. ft. party room includes a stage and a large caterer's kitchen. The Palladium comfortably seats up to 300 people with room for dancing, or 500 theater-style. There is ample room for parking within one block in every direction.

  • The Phoenix Ballroom
  • 401 S 3rd St, Waco, TX 76706, United States
  • An old tent factory repurposed as a chandelier-adorned venue for weddings, parties & special events.

  • The Hall at River Square Center
  • 217 Mary Ave, Waco, TX 76701, United States
  • Dress it up or dress it down. The Hall is infinitely versatile. One thing that remains the same, whether wedding or barbecue, is the excellent food, prepared by Diamondback chefs.

  • Earle Harrison House & Pape Gardens
  • 1901 N 5th St, Waco, TX 76708, United States

  • Cameron Park Clubhouse
  • 2601 Sturgis Rd, Waco, TX 76708, United States
  • Spacious house with a generous back porch that overlooks the Cameron Park trails and the Brazos River.

  • Downtown Waco Office
  • 601 Franklin Ave, Waco, TX, United States

  • Dr Pepper Museum
  • 300 S 5th St, Waco, TX, United States
  • Rent a comfortable conference room for a meeting or the entire courtyard for a family reunion barbecue. The museum has several venue options available.

  • Hotel Indigo Waco - Baylor
  • 211 Clay Ave.
  • Great spaces for classes, meetings or a dinner party. Hotel Indigo\'s modern look is a lovely sophisticated for any event.

  • Sironia Cafe
  • 1509 Austin Avenue, Waco, TX, United States
  • The cafe\'s party room is perfect for a shower or special luncheon and the special party menu makes putting an event together so easy.

  • Waco Convention Center
  • 100 Washington Avenue, Waco, TX, United States
  • Downtown Waco\'s premier meeting place, with a range of options for functions of all types and size.

  • Hilton Waco
  • 113 S University Parks Dr, Waco, TX, United States
  • From ballrooms to conference rooms, Hilton Waco has a set up for every event.

  • Brazos Events Center
  • 520 Elm Avenue, Waco, TX, United States
  • Whether you\'re planning a church meeting or a graduation party, Brazos Events has the space for you.

  • Suspension Bridge / Indian Spring Park
  • 101 N University Parks Dr, Waco, TX, United States
  • Nothing is much more Waco than holding your wedding or dinner party on the historic suspension bridge.

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