And now, a nod to the givers of swag

Just down Washington Avenue, in a renovated (and super interesting!) historic building, is the home of Hole in the Roof Marketing Inc. You may be familiar with the Waco-centric and Baylor proud gear they pump out through Congress Clothing. They were saying “Waco is my Neverland” before anyone ever uttered #wacoisawonderland. And their new offices, with the ALICO building on the stairs and a giant size historic Waco map in the lounge area, is clearly the den of folks who love downtown.


But we’re giving them a nod today for their consistent social media giveaways. Shirts, hats, tumblers – if you like swag, you’ve got to follow these folks. “Give it away, give it away, give it away now,” must be their theme music.


We’re also fans of their Motivational Monday posts, but we’ve already handed out the “Good Vibe” awards 😉

Thanks, Hole in the Roof, for doing what you do!

Find Hole in the Roof on Instagram: @holeintheroof and facebook: https://www.facebook.com/holeintheroof/

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