Bolted + Brine: What’s in a name?

What do you call an event that showcases everything from pottery to photography to dance? Ashley Jepsen calls it Bolted + Brine and describes it as an invitation to the public to get to know and support the arts community.

Bolted + Brine is this Friday night, 7 – 10 at 324 6th St.. Admission is $5 and everyone is invited. The evening will consist of perusing visual art, live music and dance performances from Baylor Dance Company.

The multi-arts event, the brainchild of Jepsen, director of the Baylor Dance Company, comes from Jepsen’s exploration of the arts’ role in communities. She started with the question, “Does art contribute to the economic growth of a city or is it a by-product of that growth?” After visiting a number of cities and getting to know their arts presence, she decided the answer is that the arts help economic growth.

She wants to see the arts play that role in Waco but said it means making it possible for artists to make a living here.  That’s where an event like Bolted + Brine comes in, offering a chance for the public to explore and support various arts at one venue.

“I’ve seen small pop-ups but not a big bash,” Jepsen said.

Every artist at Bolted + Brine has some connection to Waco, though not all of them live here now. Rather than a gallery feel, Jepsen wants the event to feel like you’ve stepped into the artist’s inner sanctum and some artists, such as potter Chad Pisarra will be creating on site. Also Milo will be present for free hors d’oeuvres or you can purchase dinner separately.

Now, about that name, Bolted + Brine.

“It’s my favorite part of the whole thing,” Jepsen said.

It’s based in things Jepsen finds personally inspiring – including lightning bolts and brining as it’s used in culinary arts – things that, once brought together, make artful branding for her event.


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