Deep in the Heart Film Festival 2018

Whether you like a good tear-jerker, a well-crafted doc or prefer a wickedly dark comedy … there’s something for you at the Deep in the Heart Film Festival this weekend.

The Film Festival kicks off this Thursday and goes strong through Sunday at the Waco Hippodrome, 724 Austin Ave.

More than 1,000 people showed up to the inaugural Film Festival last year, a crowd that organizers were pleased with and hope to top this year.

“Last year was awesome. That’s one thing that really impresses me about Waco, it shows up for big stuff,” said Louis Hunter. Hunter and partner Samuel Thomas are founders of the Festival.

Opening night kicks off with a family film featuring David Arquette.

Like last year, this year’s short film offerings are grouped by common threads that run through films rather than by genre. It’s an approach that gives festival goers a taste of genres they might not normally seek out.

One of the categories this year is “Lies,” with five short films featuring lies in one form or another. Another category is “Future Men,” including films about men who have some growing up to do. The “Wrong place, wrong time” dark comedy block sounds like fun also. To get the full scope of film blocks, check out the Film Festival website.

On Saturday morning, there’s a block of family films including two animated pieces.

“It’s great for shorter attention spans,” Hunter said.

Festival goers can buy tickets for individual blocks of films ($8 each) or go for the VIP ticket, getting them in everything including associated parties, with a drink ticket ($100).

Organizers said this year’s festival also includes some interesting panel sessions. There’s a session on VR films and discussion about what it takes to make them. Another panel discusses directing your first feature. And aspiring filmmakers may want to sit in on the film studies panel which includes film professors from Baylor University, Texas Christian University and University of Texas at Arlington.

Filmmakers who attend will be taking a “locations” tour of Waco.

“Waco looks like everywhere else and nowhere else,” Hunter said.

The festival wraps up on Sunday with a best of program including director’s choice of short films. If your weekend is too busy to make the other film blocks, go see these for a taste of the best, Hunter said.


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