Making My Way Downtown for Date Night


Rich with history and vibrancy, East Waco stands as a vital piece of our city’s story. Elm Avenue in particular is home to some of the oldest structures in Waco and is now getting a boost in popularity thanks to a beautification plan and new construction of apartments and hotels. It’s also the place to find fresh, locally sourced Texas food! Some of the most popular local bars and restaurants in Waco call Elm Ave home. Let this be your sign to go check them out! 

  • Pivovar: Craving a luxurious European getaway without the cost? Pivovar is for you. You can enjoy their highly-rated meals and specialty beer. Turn your date into a staycation and book a room at the Pivovar, where you can visit their unique “beer spa”. 
  • Milo All Day: Get a taste of seasonally-sourced ingredients at Milo All Day. You can visit Milo for any meal, including brunch on the weekends, and experience their delicious cocktails.
  • Union Hall: If you can’t agree on a place to eat, Union Hall is for you. The food hall offers more than 20 vendors who serve anything from salads to chicken wings. You can even pair your meal with a drink from Sam’s Bar, located in the same building. You’ll never argue about where to eat again!


  • Stumpy’s Hatchet House: Wander off the beaten path and pick a less traditional date night activity at Stumpy’s Hatchet House, where you can spend your night throwing axes and playing giant bar games. This BYOB venue even offers the option for private events. 
  • Bloom Waco: Learn a new skill on your next date! Bloom Waco offers floral workshops to boost your flower-arrangement skills. Check out their website for a calendar of events.
  • Cultivate 7Twleve: Take a stroll through local art, and maybe purchase a piece of your own to remember your night on the town. Cultivate 7Twelve’s art gallery is the perfect place to start your date night browsing through local talent. Or join in on one of their workshops and classes, like their figure drawing class. A full event calendar can be found on their website.


  • Open Mic Night: Join in on the fun and head to Stay Classy for an Open Mic night this month!
  • Niel Diamond – The Tribute: Watch the Las Vegas performer Rob Garrett as he performs live at the Hippodrome on Oct. 15 in tribute to Neil Diamond. Register for the event on the Hippodrome website. 
  • Geeks Who Drink Trivia Night: Test your trivia knowledge at Truelove Bar this month! The best news? It’s free! 


There’s no better way to spend your weekends in October than together in downtown Waco. We can’t wait to see you!

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