New eateries open downtown!

UPDATED: Some exciting developments are taking place at Waco’s only food hall! Union Hall is planning to open several fresh, new spots to grab a drink or a bite to eat.

Rockin Rolls

Rockin Rolls will be serving up a variety of ingredients rolled up into, well, a roll. Think of the shape of sushi and the contents of savory kolaches. The Pepperoni Roll is the one that started it all, with pepperoni and smoked provolone cheese held together by bread and served with either ranch dip or Sugo Dell’ Apicoltore 27 sauce. And that is just the beginning; there are so many other options to choose from. Rockin Rolls has rolls with shredded chicken breast, salmon, chopped sirloin, and more. They even have breakfast rolls! Try them today and follow them on facebook.

Village Pizzeria

We’re sure you can guess what type of food will be available here, but just in case you missed it: Village Pizzeria will soon be ready to meet all of your pizza cravings. Whether you’re looking for a simple slice of cheese, a healthy veggie slice, meat-lovers, or more, Village Pizzeria has something for everyone. No need to compromise with your friends on what type of pizza to buy; at Village Pizzeria, everyone can get exactly what slice they desire. Plus, GELATO! They’re open and ready for you.

 Waco Tea Company

Waco Tea Company employs a wide variety of tea leaves to brew a perfect cup just for you. From fruity to spiced and hot to cold, this place has got it all. Their goal is to open for business in December of this year; the perfect time to grab a hot tea to warm you up.

In addition to these three places, the owners of Po’ Boy Place—a sandwich shop in Union Hall with a New Orleans-inspired menu—are opening a salad spot. This place has yet to have an official name and will not be up and running for several months, but be on the lookout for it! In addition, Union Hall’s staff are discussing concepts for another restaurant to add to the food hall. No decision has been finalized, but we are excited to learn what new dining option will be unveiled.

Union Hall Project Manager Bailey Fisher and Marketing Coordinator Jesse Rice said the diversity of eateries within Union Hall is strategic.

“Part of what we’re trying to do here is make it a unique environment where there is so much variety that people come here from out of town and it [Union Hall] is another stop in the Waco experience,” said Fisher.

They said the food hall also is a great next step for budding restauranteurs.

“A lot of these people [restaurant owners] are local businesses that have started off in food trucks or doing other things; this is kind of their place where they can test their concepts and see how it goes,” said Rice.

Amidst the uncertainty that has come with Covid-19, Union Hall has excelled in adapting to imposed restrictions by requiring all who come in to wear masks, by constantly cleaning surfaces, and by removing some seating to ensure social distancing. Despite the pandemic, they have received much more foot traffic than anticipated; while dining in options are available, many of these restaurants offer carry-out and delivery options as well. Some of these businesses are even getting more business than ever before.

Between the diverse food options and the support of small, local businesses, Union Hall is a great choice for downtown dining. We are eager to test out these new eateries and hope to catch you there doing the same thing.


– Emmy Johnson, Baylor University, City Center Waco intern


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