NEW! Open air Trolley to run weekends in Downtown Waco

We’re launching a new way to get around downtown, a FREE Open air Trolley!

If it looks familiar to you, that’s because in another life, it was a pedal tour trolley. But we teamed up with Waco Pedal Tours, swapped out bike seats for benches, dreamed up the perfect route (see below) and, voila! The Open air Trolley was born.

The Trolley will run 11a. – 5p. Friday and Saturday. It has a set route, but you can flag it down to hop on or get off anywhere along that route. The full route takes about 45 minutes. And while this is a great way to get somewhere, we found that taking the Trolley ride is also just a fun way to see Downtown Waco.

Haven’t seen it go by but want to ride it? You can wait for it at one of the Trolley sandwich board signs at:

  • The Silos (8th Street entrance)
  • Sironia (1509 Austin Ave.)
  • Simply Irresistible (1018 Austin Ave.)
  • City Parking Garage (425 Franklin Ave.)
  • TFNB Mural (715 Elm Ave.)

Did we mention, it’s FREE!? Take a ride, tell your friends and give us feedback at [email protected]


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