The Suspense Is Building…Bridges

Restoring a Local Landmark

Whether you live in Waco, or have just visited, you have probably visited Waco’s Suspension Bridge. The Suspension Bridge has been a popular local icon since it was built, but many aren’t aware of the significance of the bridge in Texas history. Before 1870 there was no way for cattle drivers and citizens alike to cross the Brazos river, so they resorted to trekking the Chisholm Trail. After many years, the Waco Suspension Bridge became the long-awaited solution to this problem. At the time it was built, the Suspension Bridge was the longest bridge of its kind west of the Mississippi River. It was built in partnership with John Roebling Co., which was also responsible for the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.

Today, the Waco Suspension Bridge is much more than a convenient way to cross the river. It has served as a milestone in marathons, a centerpiece for festivals, a venue for events and so much more. The City of Waco is committed to preserving the beloved landmark and has embarked on a full rehabilitation project for the bridge. Great progress has been made since breaking ground in October 2020, including the replacement of the suspension cables and main decking. Improvements on the cable houses and towers are in progress, along with installing new hardwood decking for nearby walking paths. The bridge is anticipated to be fully completed and back to its former glory later this year. Stay tuned to keep up with the progress on the local landmark’s restoration!

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