We’d be remiss not to recognize the folks with the 411

What social media does better than any other form of communication is deliver up to the minute information en masse. So, if you’re a business that moves around a lot, say … a food truck, that function might be pretty important.


Pokey O’s ice cream sandwich truck gets that. They post daily. Sure their pictures of ice cream sandwiches will make you drool and their messages can be cute and quippy, but the real reason we check in on their daily posts is to see where they are going to be that day and when they are going to be there.


The info they provide is reliable, clear and concise and, really, what more can you ask for? For that, we honor Pokey O’s with the 411 award. Make yourself an ice cream sandwich, friends. You earned it!

Get your icecream sandwich 411 at : @pokeyoswaco and Pokey O’s Waco

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