And the “Good Vibes” award goes to …

Our next Grackle Award we’re calling the “Good Vibes” award and it’s going to three downtown businesses: Luna Juice Bar, The Yoga Bar and Oh My Juice.

All three of these businesses regularly post motivational memes. It’s no wonder, considering they are all focused on good health and well-being. These businesses -all with lady bosses, we might add – make a point to maintain a positive, upbeat and supportive tone in their social media. Their talk aligns with their walk, you could say. And, while the social media world is awash in positive affirmation memes, there’s something about seeing these messages from the folks that deliver your favorite juices to you or helped you nail your first crow pose that just gives these words more value, makes them more sincere.

So, to these three businesses, we say thanks! And keep it up.

yogabaraffirmationThe Yoga Bar

lunajuiceaffirmationLuna Juice Bar


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