Barbecue, bikes and unique buys

You’re about to get to know 324 S. 6th Street a whole lot better.

The nondescript beige building at 324 is already known to serious cyclists as the home of bike shop and studio Welhous. And, in the back, Apex Coffee Roasters has quietly been churning out small-batch, precision-roasted coffee beans that you find for sale at Dichotomy Coffee and Spirits.

But, with the upcoming addition of Guess Family Barbecue and Savage Finds Antiques and Oddities, we’re expecting 324 to be a bit more bustling.

Guess will start serving at 324 on Friday and Savage Finds will be opening very soon. For Guess, it means a move from Bare Arms Brewery, near the traffic circle. Reid Guess, the master behind this still relatively new barbecue venture, said he’s still friendly with Bare Arms, but he is looking forward to moving downtown. Guess said he expects the move to introduce him to a wealth of people who haven’t tried his fare yet and he expects business to be pretty swift.

“I think it would be hard NOT to be busy down there,” he said.

Guess’s hours will be the same for now, Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. until they run out (usually 1:30 or 2 p.m.). But he hopes to beef up on staff in the near future so he can increase smoking time and, ultimately, amount of barbecue.

“We’re making absolutely as much food as we can in those two days right now,” Guess said.

Before or after you grab a bite, round the corner to the back of 324 and venture into Savage Finds. Joey and Tami MacArthur sold their super successful shop outside of Seattle and moved to Waco  to open the same sort of antiques and oddities shop. Inside, you’ll find everything from arches out of First Baptist Church to original art to Waco Hippodrome chairs.

“Almost everything we have in here is from Waco,” Joey MacArthur said. “We’ve had a lot of fun. The people of Waco are kind, sincere and generous.” He said he hopes to get as much local traffic as tourist.

Joey MacArthur said barbecue, bikes and unique buys are going to be a great fit for 324.

“I think just the combination of people over here is going to be amazing,” he said.

And, don’t forget about coffee. Apex Coffee Roasters isn’t planning on having a more public presence at 324 right now but a collaboration project with it’s building-mates wouldn’t be out of the question, said Apex and building owner Brett Jameson.

For Jameson, who likes to surround himself with things he enjoys, a barbecue food truck was a no-brainer. And he had a good feeling about Savage Finds too.

“They have some cool stuff. I’ve already bought something from them,” Jameson said. And on Fridays, he’s probably going to be first in line for the brisket.

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  • Jen Crossley says:

    Your in for a treat Joey and Tami are wonderful people and there last business was a huge sucess ,a great asset to waco for sure

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