I-35 Construction Update: This Too Shall Pass


Hey Wacoans,

We know you’ve been putting up with construction along I-35 for almost three years (going on thirty). At this point, the sea of orange cones might seem never-ending and the task of merging onto the interstate too daunting. Here’s some hope: the project is currently set to come to an end in early 2023. That’s right – we can’t believe it either!

While living in Waco during this project has proven challenging at times, there’s no doubt that the finished product will leave our city better than when construction first began. Downtown Waco will be much more accessible to locals and visitors alike (and look a lot prettier, too!).

As we look toward the completion of this project, we’re hopeful that it will provide the perfect boost for downtown businesses and residents. We’re on the road to recovery, Waco!

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