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With our constant up and down temperatures and spring allergens on their way, it’s safe to say a lot of us still have some sniffles and sickness around the corner.

We found out (the hard way) recently that there are actually quite a lot of resources in downtown to comfort the cold (or otherwise)-inflicted.

First, obviously, drag yourself to the doc. There are two walk-in clinics in the downtown area: Providence Express Care, 600 Franklin Ave. and Premier ER and Urgent Care, 221 N I-35 frontage road.

From there, you can pick up any prescription you might get at the nearby CVS, 820 S 5th St., or grab whatever over-the-counter meds you might need.

Or, if natural remedies are more your thing, Luna Juice Bar offers various boosters and shots, including their popular Sinus Smasher. While you’re there, grab a couple of veggie/fruit juices so you can hydrate with lots of healthy stuff. Oh My Juice is another great juice option downtown.

If you’re feeling too under the weather to cook but don’t want to just consume junk, stop by The Olive Branch and pick up some ready-made meals to stock your fridge. Next, stop by Balcones Distilling and pick up spirits to make a soothing homemade hot toddy. We suggest Rumble!

If you have a favorite tea you get at Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits, swing by the shop and grab a box of that brew to steep at home. Next, grab some pho to go from Clay Pot, great for it’s aromatics and warmth.

Now, head home and put yourself to bed.

And if you end up lucky enough to avoid getting the crud but your friends are the ones down for the count, cheer them up from a distance by ordering a Pokey O’s cookie cake or box of cookies from Tiff’s Treats to be delivered.

There’s plenty downtown to help you get well!

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