Love, downtown style

We’re not saying that Downtown Waco has more of an atmosphere of love per square foot than any other part of Waco. But We’re also not NOT saying that.

This Valentine’s Day seemed like a fine time to take a cheeky look at all the love going on in this beating heart of the city.

Carole and Cody Fergusson with an iconic Austin Avenue kiss on their wedding day.

Exhibit No. 1: Put a ring on it – With all the venues downtown perfect for ceremonies and or receptions, is it any wonder Downtown Waco is a hotspot for weddings? From vows taken on Valentine’s Day on the courthouse steps to first marital kisses sealed on the Suspension Bridge, there are a ton of ways, in this small area, to make your special day feel even more special. And we haven’t even mentioned all the proposals that are orchestrated down here as well.

photo credit: @truelovewaco

No. 2: Our big declaration of love – The TRUELOVE mural on the side of Truelove Bar, 414 Franklin Ave., is uniquely an advertisement for this favorite local watering hole AND a piece of graphic art that can mean whatever you want it to. That’s the great thing about murals and public art.

No. 3: The camera loves us – From old brick walls with great texture to gritty alleys and fancy green doors, Downtown Waco is a photographer’s playground. A few times a week we see someone doing a photoshoot downtown, whether it’s for senior pictures or promo material for a local retailer. And that’s not even counting all the Suspension Bridge, WACO mural and Magnolia selfies that happen every day. What’s your favorite photo spot downtown?

No. 4: Interspecies love – You might assume that folks who live downtown don’t have a lot of dogs because of the urban setting. You’d be wrong. These lofts are filled with everything from beloved Chihuahuas to Great Danes (not joking). They accompany their owners to grab coffee, hit a food truck and walk along the river. On Saturdays, Wacoans from all parts bring their four-legged best friends to the Waco Downtown Farmers Market with them, making it one of the most pet friendly destinations in Waco. So you can see why a dog park has been included in some of the up and coming downtown development plans!

Lux and Minx making themselves at home in their downtown loft

No. 5: Food lovers smorgasbord – If the way to the heart is really through the stomach, then that puts Downtown Waco in pretty good stead. Only in downtown can you find Asian fusion, gourmet grilled cheese, barbecue to brag about and specialty coffee within a few blocks of each other. And that’s just a smattering of the gnoshes and sips offered ‘round these parts.

We could go on and on really, about how downtown is now a shopping lover’s destination, a place to fall in love with local art and culture or how it’s become a hotbed for entrepreneurs to bring their passion, love and dreams to life via store fronts and co-working spaces. You get our drift.

We’d love to know … what do you love about Downtown Waco?

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