Make Your Way Downtown: Transportation Tips

It’s no secret that getting around downtown Waco can be a challenge! We spun our wheels thinking about each transportation option in the area and went the extra mile to bring you this blog post, hopefully eliminating some stress the next time you head downtown. 

The Waco Trolley

At first glance, The Waco Trolley might seem to be made for visitors. While that’s partially true, it’s also the perfect opportunity for locals to experience downtown Waco with fresh eyes! The air-conditioned rides are stress-free and perfect for events. Schedule one today and enjoy taking in Waco’s growth in a fun, relaxing and social environment. You can find their tour options here

Blue Duck Scooters

Convenient, affordable and eco-friendly, Blue Duck scooters are downtown Waco’s latest (and some would say greatest) transportation option. All you have to do is download their app, scan a nearby scooter and input your payment information to start riding! Get where you want to go and have fun while doing it. You can learn more about Blue Duck on their website! 

Pedal Tours

Since 2017, Waco Pedal Tours has offered the city’s premier party bike experience. They aim to help Waco grow into a fun place for young professionals, families and beyond, and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! Right now, they offer tours Tuesday-Saturday at 3, 6 and 9 p.m., in addition to custom options! Jump on a tour today, and keep your eye on their website to see how they grow in the future. 

LaSalle-Circle Shuttle

Did you know that Waco offers a free shuttle between the LaSalle area and downtown shops and restaurants? You can flag the bus down anywhere along the route (linked above) by waving at the driver. If you’re ready to jump on board, track the shuttle’s movement in real-time here!

Other Options

If you’re interested in public transportation, Waco has a city bus system. You can use this GPS tracking page to locate the bus you need! Rideshare options such as Uber and Lyft are also available in Waco! Just download your preferred app and you’ll be on your way. If all else fails, throw on your best sneakers and go for a walk! It might take longer to get to your destination, but those extra steps are sure to be rewarding. For wheelchair-accessible options, call (254) 750-1613


When driving your personal vehicle downtown, keep parking in mind. The most up-to-date map with free parking options can be found here. Street parking abounds (as much as construction allows), and there are a few paid lots downtown too!

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