Parking downtown? No problem!

There’s actually a lot of free public parking in Downtown Waco. You just have to know where to look.

There’s quite a bit of on-street parking all over downtown, you just need to be able to parallel park and follow any signs that there may be regarding the area. Here, we’re listing some of the main free public lots to choose from.

City of Waco Parking Garage (pictured above)

This is one of the best kept secrets in downtown, but there’s no reason it should be a secret! The City’s parking garage is above the water building at 4th and Franklin and it is free and open to the public. You’ll know it by the colorful W’s it wears on the Franklin side. You enter this lot on the opposite side, from the Roosevelt Building parking lot (the Roosevelt lot is NOT public). Enter that lot by taking a left from 4th Street, then look for the big green columns that say PARK. Then enter and park!


Public lot at City Hall

Another great lot can be found at 3rd Street and Franklin, across from River Square Center. Look for the signs with a big P in a blue circle. That lot is adjacent to City Hall. It’s a great place to park if you’re attending something at the river or if you’re doing some shopping or eating at River Square and its lot is full.


Lot at 6th and Franklin   

This small fenced lot at the corner of 6th Street and Franklin used to be private but we arranged for it to be open to the public. Just two blocks away, this lot is a good choice when you’re going to Union Hall food hall and its lot is full.






Waco Convention Center Lot

This lot, at 4th Street and Washington Avenue, you may know as the place that Waco Wonderland happens. It’s perfect if you’re attending something at the Convention Center or the river or just grabbing dinner at Coach’s.


WISD elevated lot

On the weekends(only), you’re clear to take the 6th Street ramp up to the WISD elevated lot and park up there.


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