The Wonders of Waco: Places To Add to Your 2023 Bucket List

Wanting to explore your city, but wondering where to start? Our 2023 bucket list has you covered. We recommend hitting up these historical, must-see landmarks this year. Exploring your own backyard has never been easier!

The Waco Suspension Bridge

Originally built in 1870, the Waco Suspension Bridge boosted the Waco economy and allowed for freer movement across the region. The cable and steel supplier of the bridge, John A. Roebling and Son, later built the Brooklyn Bridge! In 2020, the bridge closed for renovations and refurbishment and has yet to permanently open again. However, city officials say it will be open for good in the next few weeks. If the closures have kept you from checking out this historic Waco monument, mark your calendars and add it to your list to visit in early 2023!

East Waco

Across the Suspension Bridge sits East Waco and its main Elm Street, which once was the only way to drive out of Waco by the north or east. This formerly-bustling part of town is experiencing a second wind with popular restaurants and retailers laying down roots in the original buildings along Elm. There’s much to see and do in east Waco. You can dine at the trendy Revival Eastside Eatery, design-your-own nail polish at Loud Lacquer and tour Brotherwell Brewing to taste locally-brewed beer. If East Waco isn’t on your radar, it needs to be.

Magnolia Market

Don’t count Magnolia Market out as a tourist trap. This lively center founded by “Fixer Upper” stars Chip and Joanna Gaines is packed with activities, events and dining for tourists and locals alike. If you’ve put off visiting because of the crowds, try stopping by on a weekday when parking is more readily available and lines are much shorter. Or, consider going to a concert. Magnolia Market is also a music venue, hosting popular artists like Johnnyswim.

Make Memories at Waco Murals 

Waco is known for its local art, and nowhere hosts more of it than downtown. Spend a day this new year exploring the impressive display of local talent! Here are just a few of the murals you’ll find downtown:

  • “You Look Nice Today Wacotown” – 115 N. Seventh St.
  • “My Greatest Find” and “Keep Going” – On the corner of S. Sixth St. and Jackson Ave.
  • Dr Pepper Museum Mural – 300 S. Fifth Street
  • “Feed Your Body, Feed Your Soul” – 720 Franklin Ave.
  • “Starry Night” – 1000 Columbus Ave. 
  • Waco Mural – 420 Franklin Ave.
  • “Greetings from Waco” – Columbus Ave. and Eighth St. 
  • “City With a Soul” – 501 S. Eight St. 

You can find a more extensive list of Waco murals here


Thanks to your new bucket list, there’s a lot in store for you in Waco this year. Which of these sites will you visit first? 

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